Our customer approach us to design and fabricate a demo kit for their product, which is HIOS electric screwdriver.

We did some study on the screwdriver, and we managed to pull screwing details and data from the screwdriver using RS232 protocol. We using Keyence PLC to perform the control for jig movement, and wrote a VB software to monitor the HIOS screwdriver and to do setting on it.

Image below shows the demo kit box with the HIOS screwdriver beside.


The demo kit box get power supply from behind the box, there is a rocker switch to plug in 3 pin power cord cable and a on off switch.


Inside the box there is an industrial PC for the VB software to operate, a mechanical jig to lock the product that needed to do screwing on it. Also, there is 2 green push button to trigger the locking sequence. Then the product will be locked by the cylinders. Below the PC there is a 9 Pin male connector to connect the HIOS screwdriver RS232 port, the 3 pin plug supply is for the screwdriver to operate too.

All the details of the screwdriver when in screwing process can be monitored on the IPC screen. Such as pulse, screwing count, max & min motor revolutions, etc.

You may watch the video below to understand how the VB software works to control and monitor the HIOS electric screw driver:

-Keyence PLC
-PLC Programming
-Industrial PC
-PC Programming
-VB Software
-Demo Kit
-HIOS Electric Screwdriver

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