This NC Feeder Machine normally use together with stamping machine. This machine function is to feed metal foil into the stamping machine.

This machine is around 10 years old, and the owner contact Mirai to help them refurnish this machine for them. The machine is in bad condition as being placed aside for few years without being used and maintained. As you can see in the images below:

The machine is not working anymore when power up by us. Program inside the Mitsubishi A Series PLC is corrupted. Mitsubishi Servo Motor an Servo Drive(MR-J2S-100A) is used. Inside the panel is dirty and the motor encoder wire is bitten by mouse, we had to find a replacement for it.


The control panel also not usable anymore as you can see.


We dismantle the panel plate out for cleaning and rewiring.


Old control panel is removed.


We brought back the panel plate and rewiring & do the PLC programming.


New control panel with square push button, digits selector, selector switch and E-Stop button.


Reinstall the panel plate back to the panel after wiring and programming is done.


New control panel looks nice on it too. The is a controller box with 2 manual inching button for user operate at distance.


Left side is the panel and right side is the metal sheet feeder. The panel is going to be repainted after this.


You can watch the video of how the machine works here.

-Mitsubishi PLC A Series
-Mitsubishi Servo Motor & Servo Drive
-Mitsubishi PLC Programming
-Mitsubishi Servo Control

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