Since year 2016, together with our main contractor we successfully integrates more that 40 units of robotic arms with PLC and HMI for our customer. Mirai in charge of the programming part for the PLC, HMI and the integrations between PLC and Robotics arm controller. The usage of PLC confirms the stability and the repeat-ability of the machine, means higher output and less human power needed. Just one operator is needed for each station to insert the parts and remove the completed product at the end of each welding process.

We uses PLC I/O to control the jigs of the machine. We also use HMI to monitor the process and for Manual operation purpose to eliminate the inconvenience of too many push buttons. Pneumatic cylinder is used to clamp the parts in place for welding. PLC is programmed with custom sequence for each stations of jig to satisfy different product needs. The Robotic Arm is fully integrated with the PLC, all the info of robots can be reads from PLC and PLC can control the program/activity of the robots easily.

Operator need to place the part with sequence, press the push button and go for next part placing sequence. Once all the parts are clamped, operator just need to trigger the striker switch to call the welding robot to start welding. Of course, much safety features are included to protect the operator and others, such as safety curtain sensors and door switches.

At this point we just completed another Robotic Arm Integration project, yay! We are ready to do more projects that are related to robotic arms!

-Mitsubishi PLC Q Series
-Mitsubishi HMI GOT2000 Series
-PLC Programming
-HMI Programming
-CC Link Remote IO
-Mechanical Jig Clamping Sequence
-Integration with Panasonic Welding Robot Arm

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